Thursday, June 30, 2011

our favorite recipes

Collecting and finding recipes that are a special part of "your" own collection is something that seems pretty important once you're out on your own - I know it is to me and many of my friends.

I want people to say "I would really love some of Abby's __________" or "Abby, would you please make________ for our potluck?"

 My collection needs to be the perfect mix of favorites from my mom, from Kevin's mom and new ones we try and love.

I feel like I'm finally starting to have a good go-to collection to pull from and make/share. I made a binder to store these 5 star recipes in and from now on, if I blog a recipe, I'll let you know if it makes the "favorites" binder.

I'm not going to have any secret recipes or anything like that. I just want to grab this binder and know that opening to any random page will produce a recipe I love and am proud to make and share.

Here's the binder...

Some recipe's I've already blogged and are "favorites" worthy include:

buttercrea icing, see here
4 cheese bacon mac n cheese, see here
candy road brownies, see here
thyme potatoes au gratin, see here
easy gooey butter cake, see here
lime sherbert punch, see here
gingerbread cookies, see here
awesome pasta salad, see here
black bottom pie, see here

What are some of your favorite recipes that you want ppl to identify with as "yours"? Have you had anything of mine that you think is "favorite" worthy?


  1. Your ham and cheese sandwich thingys are really good

  2. I just put together a binder of our Favorites last week. Figured it was about time I got them all collected in one place. Yours is way cuter though :)


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