Monday, June 6, 2011

Doggie Bath Time!

If you can remember all the way back to Memorial Day weekend you'll remember that it was not the perfectly clear and sunny weekend the weathermen told us it would be. You might also remember that we went camping Sunday evening... with the doggies.

Let me share an interesting fact with you:    muddy ground = muddy dogs = muddy everything!

Given this re-discovered fact, we decided to stop by the Super Pantry Gas Station & Car Wash on Towanda Barnes Rd. to check out their dog wash.

It was a really nice set-up with 2 dog washing stations in a contained, but well ventilated area. And it was so nice not have to worry about cleaning up a messy bathroom at home, BUT it cost us $11 to get Mia cleaned and mostly dry and that's a bit steep for me. Admittedly, she was a lot muddier than usual and she is a rather large dog (115lbs), but she is so well behaved it would be almost just as easy to wash her down with the garden hose. Also, the dogs still have to climb 3 larger steps to get into the dog wash which makes it nice that you don't have to bend over when washing, but it's just as hard as trying to get a big dog into the bathtub (at least with Mia it was).

This is a picture I found online, but it's pretty much what the dog wash looked like...

Pet Wash #1

To summarize:  My review is mixed. If you don't want the mess at home it's a great option, but considering the price it won't be an option we use very often.

Callie got her bath in the tub when we got home and I had a video clip of how crazy she goes after a bath, but my clip won't work so here's just a random pic of how cute she is!


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  1. We went the hose-in-the-backyard route. Worked pretty well, but then again, our dogs have shorter fur.


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