Wednesday, June 15, 2011

garage sale finds

One of my favorite local church sales was this past weekend. Everything you can fit into a paper bag for just $3! Carol & I had great success this year - She found $11 in a pair of jeans and I bought 3 overloaded bags of stuff! Hollar!

I've been looking for more serving dishes for entertaining and parties and instantly fell in love with this green pressed glass piece... and an amber pressed glass cake plate... and 2 silver colored serving trays... and a couple of other pieces too! Cost of this piece... $0.50 and only because I didn't want to break it by cramming too much stuff in the bag!

I was also excited about this silver dessert stand. It was pretty tarnished, but that just helped me to determine it was real silver and after five minutes with the polishing rag at home it looks great! Cost of this piece $0.50 for same reason as above.

This framed set of state bird & flower stamps also caught my fancy. My plan is to reframe it and hang it in the new photo wall that will be making an appearance in our basement sometime soon. Note: what's the value of 50 $0.20 stamps??? $10!!! Which means I got tons of new treasures and came out $1 ahead ($10 in stamps minus $9 in treasures (3 bags of "stuff" x $3/bag) = $1 woot woot!).

Not every garage sale adventure turns out this successfully, but one of my favorite things about Bloomington/Normal is it's love for sales... just one more reason I love my town!

Anybody else have any good finds lately?

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  1. Sounds like fun! I'll have to keep an eye out for this sale next year :)


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