Tuesday, June 28, 2011

water surprise... eek!

Last week we had a bit of a surprise to come home to... our washer decided to not shut off on the rinse cycle and thus pumped water into our basement & garage for about 4 hours- eek! 

LOTS of things to be thankful for though! Kevin had not grouted the bathroom the night before as planned so that did not get ruined, and none of our furniture or other things got ruined either!

So after getting some advice from friends and family on how to handle the situation (thanks Brian & Melissa!) we Kevin pulled the 8 by 13 foot section of carpet back and cut out the soaking WET pad and then put fans on the carpet for the next 3 days.

We put the laundry baskets under the carpet so the fans would dry the top and bottom at the same time.

Being my usual careful self I stepped on the exposed carpet tack strips 3 times! Ouch!

After the first initial stress everything went very smoothly. We found a guy, who was having a slow week, willing to replace the pad and restretch the carpet for only $125 (including the new pad price)!

We were back to normal less than a week later!
(the dogs were feeling left out of this story and would NOT move so I could get a clear shot... O well)

The carpet probably needed a good washing anyway, but our poor washer just could not be saved.
So here's our new HIGH efficency, HIGH capacity washer! Isn't it so new and pretty?!

It even fits our comforter! Yes, we already tested that! I told the salesman I wanted a washer that could fit a lot of clothes and he said this one would do the job... even if we had twin boys! Curses! How did he know that's in my family history!?!

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