Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to... Great Harvest Bread Company?!

Yesterday over lunch hour I was running errands and decided to stop by one of my favorite places, Great Harvest Bread Company, for a lunch pocket. I usually get their very delicious pepperoni pocket, but today I switched things up and got the spinach pocket - which was also delicious! But back to my real story...

There were 2 younger guys working and the one helping me informed me that today was Great Harvest's birthday and if I sang Happy Birthday to the store I'd get a free cookie...

Instantly my mind became chaos...

"I love a good deal and free is a great deal!"

"but there's no one else in the store and I'm a horrible singer and by horrible I mean downright atrocious!"

"I sure do love cookies though!"

So being the reasonable person that I am I asked the nice guy...

"Can I just say Happy Birthday"

Of course he said NO... so I hemmed and hawed a bit and now both workers were grinning from ear to ear... they decide to sweeten the pot and tell me the cookie I'll get is carmel chocolate chip and worth $1.50! So I tried...

"What if you 2 sing it with me?"

Of course they said NO... so I hemmed and hawed some more and it was on the tip of my tongue to lie and say I didn't really feel like dessert today, but either the fear that God would forever remind me of that little lie or the fact that my genetic craze for bargains must be bigger than my fear of complete embarrasement I began...

"Happy birthday to you"

"Happy Birthday to you"

"Happy Birthdaay Greeeat Harvest"


I was sweating, I was beet red, but I was also laughing along with the 2 guys and happy I'd stepped out of my comfort zone even if my main motivation was a free cookie!

 Grumpy cookie

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