Monday, March 25, 2013

squirrel army

Our neighbor feeds squirrels... lots of squirrels... enough squirrels to form an army of squirrels.

I am not exagerating. At. All.

Take a look

This is what his "feeding grounds" look like every morning
{during the 7:30am feeding shift}

I'll even help you by numbering the little monsters
{I only call them monster because they dig up all my flowers during the summer}

I imagine they are Callie's redneck cousins because they kinda look alike and cause she hates them.

I imagine my neighbor feeds them so they are close {to eat} in case of a zombiepocalypse.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

o deer! baby shower

My friend is having a baby!!!
At first, I was distressed that she wasn't having a boy because I hard-core wanted to throw a "camping" themed baby shower for her, but it's hard to be upset long when you think about all the fun we will have with a cute little girl! Yes, I am beyond excited for the bows & frills & baby snuggles!

This is my first shower planning experience with others, and let me tell you, group planning is the way to go! It was great not to be running around 5 minutes before the party started trying to get everything out on time! Not to mention all the ideas, errands, & leg work the other ladies did - Amazing!

But let's get to the important part... the pictures
Our theme was "woodland animals" and we wanted lots of pink too!

The sign on the mantle reads "O Deer!"
The trees were a fun craft project and the animals & wreath we already owned!

Our centerpieces were twig filled vases with some cute decorations & animals
The only hard part about these was getting to the twigs in the snow and cold weather!

The all important food table!!

I made the cute bunting with paper, fabric, ribbon, felt flowers & felt animals

Again, our centerpiece is twigs in a vase, adorned with handmade felt animals, mini bunting & printables!

Time for a few close ups!

The food was awesome! I loved it all!

I made chocolate & vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream

chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter buttercream

and owl shortbread cookies

whoooo loves how cute these are?!?!?!

Erin made this stunning {and yummy} cheese ball

Christina made cheese tortelli with parmesean ranch sauce - YUM!

Amy made scrumptious stuffed mushrooms
{no, I am not required to tell how many I ate and yes, it was more than my fair share}

Katie made this amazing watermellon hedgehog
Soooo cute!!!!

One of my favorite party details were our cups for pink lemonade & water

Aren't they the cutest ever!

The cups & lids are from Staples (ordered online)
& the striped brown straws are from this etsy shop.

Instead of playing any shower games we had this create your own flower headband station
The mom-to-be is in love with headband flowers & bows so it was perfect!

Sam's hand lettering is stunning! I hope you are as impressed as I am?!

The flowers turned out great!
I'd like to try my hand at making some of these myself!

We also had a little advice stations set up where you could share some words of wisdom with the mom-to-be or take a guess at little baby girl's future name!

Our final party element was the favor station.
We had the mixins to "make your own trails mix" displayed in brown paper bags
with super cute homemade to-go bags. The bags were an easy sewing project that displayed all the cute homemade felt animals tied perfectly with a raffia & ribbon bow

Ahhhhh! It was all so cute! I love it all!

Thank you sooo much to Erin & Sam for taking all the pictures.
I just didn't have the frame of mind to get it done!
And thanks for making it through all the pictures I posted,
I just couldn't downsize any more than I already did!