Tuesday, June 14, 2011

baby duke's nursery update

You may remember last month when we helped our friends Brian & Sarah paint their basement so they could make room for a nursery, see here. Want to see what the nursery looks like now???

Don't you just love this crib setup? Sarah put the crib together by herself when it was delivered.
Didn't anyone tell her not to work when she can't even see her toes!

It's almost baby ready! just another couple of weeks to go, Sarah!

I got to help put up this cool tree decal.

It was pretty easy with two people - just peel and stick!

These cute jungle animals are also a new addition and look great next
to the curtains that were hung last month, again see here.

I'm loving the change from guest bedroom and storage to baby's room. I'm also super excited to babysit - so come on end of July! Thanks again to Brian & Sarah for opening their home to my blog.

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