Friday, May 13, 2011

Painting the Duke's Basement

It's been a busy week for us. Mostly because it's summer and we like to go-go-go this time of year and also work has been a little hectic with deadlines and training. I was finally ready to post about some of last weekends activities and then blogger was down for a bit so those are my excuses for this weeks lack of posting activity :) 

Anywayyy, last Saturday we spent the day helping our friends Sarah & Brian paint their basement before they turn it into their guest bedroom and then turn their guest bedroom into a nursery for baby Duke due this summer.

My pics don't show a great difference in the before and after basement paint colors, they were pretty similar, but the big difference (better seen in person) is how clean and fresh everything looks!

Before Shot #1

Due to the 5+ years of different guys moving in and out (including Kevin) there were some rough/dirty spots. Including the one I've marked out in the picture. This is one of three similar spots where Brian, Kevin, and Ken used to put their feet while sitting at their respective computer desks. Yuck, am I right Sarah?!

And here's the guest bed taking up the whole room which is now being turned into Baby Duke's nursery.

Here's basement after shot #1 See how clean and shiny it is?!

No more dirty feet spots!!!

TIP: Check the paint sale section first when shopping for new paint. Brian was able to snag this paint for only $15 for a 5 gallon bucket! That's enought paint to do the basement and upstairs family room!

We were able to get the new curtains hung in the nursery;
can't wait till the crib and bedding gets put together!!!

After all that work we finally let Dex and Betsy free in the house again.

Dex is such a flirt!

And Betsy has the most dreamy eyes!

Special thanks to Brian & Sarah for sharing their home and bits of their lives with my blog readers!

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