Monday, August 1, 2011

meeting little mr. owen

If you remember from some previous posts, our friends, Brian & Sarah, were expecting a little boy at the end of July. I shared some nursery pictures here and baby shower pictures here.

He's finally here! After all the anticipation and excitement, he's just the cutest little guy ever!
He really looks like both his mommy and daddy!

Auntie Abby!
(I maybe hogged the holding time while we were there visiting) :)

Auntie Abby & Kevin!

So cute! And so much hair!

Love this picture! See, doesn't he look like daddy?!

(Mommy decided to wait for her photo shoot with baby so I'll have to update with more pics later)

I gave Kevin some googly eyes while we were there, but he didn't budge so no babies for us yet :)
That's ok though, cause I get to babysit this cutie!

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