Monday, August 8, 2011

kevin's bd party: setting the mood

This weekend was Kevin's (30th) birthday party! Food, games, & friends made it a fun party well worth the effort!
It was a big event so I'm going to take a couple of days to share the pics! 

the party theme was...

I used lots of bright circles, balloons, and some superheros to help carry the theme and set the mood ;)

Here's the food table before we began to devour

Kevin's brother, Mark, made the pulled pork and we also had: hot ham n cheese rolls, cheesey potato casserole, bacon mac n cheese, baked beans, watermellon, & applesauce. It was all very tasty!

Then onto dessert!

I made 5 dfferent kinds of cupcakes...  it was quite an adventure, but more about that later :)

Everything was so much fun and went really well! One tiny hiccup was when Mia devoured 3lbs of pulled pork in about 3 minutes and the momentary stress of finding more pulled pork (which we didn't end up needing anyway). It's something to laugh about... in a few more days when I've forgiven her, that is.

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