Monday, August 29, 2011

callie gets a haircut

Callie's hair was getting a little shaggy - as you can tell from these two pics...

Cute, but definately shaggy

So I got the clippers out on Saturday morning and went to work. I am very fortunate that Callie loves attention and doesn't mind sitting for a haircut too awful much (not that she looks that comfortable in this pic, though).

This is only the 4th doggie haircut I've done so it still takes me about 5x as long as it should, but my mom says I'll be able to hang my shingle out soon enough! haha!

Next we had to wash off all the extra hair. Even though Callie is so patient for the haircut part she never likes the bath part!

please get me out of here!

she becomes a crazy dog after a bath! apparently smelling clean just isn't the doggie thing to do!

This short video is the post-bath obsessed Callie :)

She'll be this crazy for a good 10 minutes!!!

Once she calmed down and smelled a little more to her liking she sat in the window to finish drying in the sun.

For being such a patient doggie, she was rewarded with a new piece of jewelry (and one for Mia to!)

Here she is showing off the new bling!

and Mia showing off hers

I love my doggies!!!

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