Wednesday, August 24, 2011

more of Pittsburg

Our last full day in Pittsburg we started at the botanical gardens - I love going to botanical gardens so, of course, I was very excited for this part of our trip!!! It gets more exciting though... Kevin went up to buy our tickets and it turned out to be a free day!!! Apparently they have 2 free days a year and we'd hit the jackpot (or the flower pot anyway)!!!

This was the very first picture of the day and it might just be my favorite!

It sprinkled a little off and on, but it made this pic turn out really neat

I always love the orchid room,  probably because they are some of my mom's favorites

The butterfly room was aslo very cool and I got several good pics to share

Ok, sorry. Enough butterflies. Here's me and Kevin!

I thought this room display was pretty cool - it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland.

These next two are from the outside gardens

The botanical gardens were in the same area as the University of Pittsburg so we also stopped by the cathedral of learning. It was really cool on the inside with great places to do homework and study... you know, if you still have to do that type of thing ;)

This church was right next door and had lots of pretty stained glass windows.

Here, I'm actually waiting on Kevin, who was taking pictures, it's usally him waiting on me!

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  1. Great pictures! The one with the rain and the Alice in Wonderland room turned out really spectacular.


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