Monday, August 29, 2011

cards @ wrigley

Remembers how we just got to see the Cards @ Pittsburg here? Not even a week later we're off the see the Cards @ Wrigley - another new stadium for me! It was a fun day, but I told Kevin, it was too bad we were able to do all this stadium traveling in a year when the Cards are playing... umm let's just say, less than their best.

It rained poured almost the whole drive up, but then it turned out to be a beautiful day!

Unfortunately our seats were right behind this very beautiful pole - which apperently is pretty common at Wrigley. It wasn't so bad though - I got to snuggle close to kevin to see the action around the barrier (awww, sappy.).

our new pitcher

our star player (besides Molina, of course)

Enjoying the game

After the game, I somehow convinced Kevin that we needed to go to Ikea! I've never been before and have been dying to see what all the fuss is about. It was huge and not something you should ever take your shopping-adverse husband to, but it was a fun experience and got me thinking about lots of new house decorating options!

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