Wednesday, August 3, 2011

knives and sliding patio screen doors

Now that I've got your attention with my scary interesting title I'll let you know... there's nothing to worry about. I've just got 2 unrelated tips to pass along and the first one deals with kitchen knives and the second with replacing screen doors. Whew, glad we got that straightend out!

Tip #1: We've been on the lookout for somewhere to get our kitchen knives sharpened and finally thought to ask at the College Hills Meat Market (and if you're saying "duh, that's where you're supposed to go in the first place" it would have been nice of you to blog about it so I would have known that piece of information too!), Anywho, they sharpened 3 knives for us, did a great job, and did it for free!

Tip #2: If you find yourself with a gigantic hole in your patio sliding screen door - due to an obsessed yorkie, or other reason - instead of buying a new screen door to the tune of $130 big ones you can simply replace the screen (and not the frame) to the tune of >$20 not so big ones. I wanted to take pictures of this process and give you the details, but Kevin did it in about 30 minutes while I was taking a nap, so I have no pictures again. whomp whomp.

Hope these tips are helpful to someone else! And seriously, if you experience/learn silly little things like this, I'd sure love to know!

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