Tuesday, November 8, 2011

halloween themed cake balls

Here's the low down on the cake balls I made for Halloween, first seen here.

First you make a cake (I just used a box mix)

Let the cake cool, and crumble into a bowl.

Add enough icing to form ball shapes
(I used 3/4 can prepared milk chocolate icing)

Roll into 48 1" balls

Refrigerate for an hour or freeze for about 10 minutes.
Prepare candy coating

Melt candy coating in microwave (do 30 seconds at a time).

Push popsicle sticks 1/2 way through cake balls working with a couple at a time
and leaving the rest in the refrigerator.
Dip cake balls into melted candy coating and let excess drip off
(I tapped the stick to the sides of the bowl).

For the "slime balls" I used the extra candy coating, a frosting bag and #2 tip to drizzle on the "slime"

For the Jack O' Lanterns I used white melted candy coating colored black to draw the faces
and colored green to add the stems (still using a frosting bag and #2 tip).

These keep in the refrigerator really well. I even made them a week ahead of time.

The basic cake ball was much easier to make that I first thought it would be. The time consuming part was adding the details, but I love how they turned out! Definately worth the effort!

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