Monday, November 21, 2011

it smells like christmas

Last week while exploring in Colorado I jumped out of the car to snap a couple of pictures while the guys (Kevin, Mark, & Bryant) rolled their eyes and waited. When I came back to the car I said "it smells nice outside, like clean and fresh". Of course, the guys looked at me like I was crazy, but then it started snowing not 5 minutes later! I have always been able to smell snow coming and I'm overly proud of that fact!

Sooo, since we're talking about smells...

I found this Christmas Stovetop Potpourri on pinterest recently and had a chance to try it out this past weekend. It smelled great! Not overpowering, but definately a nice addition to the house during the Christmas season. If you come over between now and Christmas you'll probably even get to smell it for yourself!

picture from Make It Do, found here

The origional instuctions & pictures are great so I didn't bother taking any new ones.
Again, in case you missed it, go here for the how-to-do-it-yourself instructions.

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