Thursday, July 21, 2011

bathroom update !!!!!!!!!!

I'm finally ready to share a bathroom update!!! I've put together some of the many pics we've taken along the way. We're not finished with this project, but the room is back to functional!

Remember my first post way back in May, seen here? We've run into a lot of issues and are very thankful to haved learned way more than we thought we needed to a lot and for the people who have helped us out! Specifically all the people who we borrowed tools from and Rob - who mended a water pipe we accidently found in the wall ;)

Remember what it looked like before we got started???

remember how tiny it appeared? 

remember the brown shell shaped vanity that was too large for the room and falling apart anyway?

remember the old toilet that I just loved?

remember the toilet paper holder that had 8 screws and glue holding it to the wall?

remember the crack in the wall and the lack of paint and molding from where we moved the pantry?

remember the linolium floor?


we painted the walls...

we tiled the floor...

we replaced the trim...

once that was all done we had this awesome new room...

then we added a new toilet...

which looks much much better!

and a new vanity/sink combo and new faucet...

I may have even purchased 3 different faucets until I found exactly the right one!

finally (for now) we painted the door and added new hardware...

I haven't found the perfect mirror or light yet and we need to add things like a tp holder, towel holder, light plates and wall art, but I love love love how everything is turning out and I couldn't wait any longer to share!!!

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