Wednesday, July 6, 2011

happy birthday america!

July 4th is probably Kevin's favorite holiday! Every year we head to his parents for a huge backyard party that includes lots of yummy food, sand volleyball, lots of games, family, friends, and fireworks!!!

This year the temps were in the upper 90's so it was a HOT weekend

Saturday started with some smaller firecrackers with the nieces

Claire doesn't like the loud pops, but loved lighting them off!

Even Mia & Callie got into the festive spirit!

Kevin, Mark, & Bryant always put together a great fireworks show right in the backyard.
Kevin seriously looks forward to this moment all year long!

These were so pretty and lacy - they just filled the sky

Ending with a big bang... haha!

Here's the backyard sand volleyball court - of course I didn't get any pictures while there were games going on b/c I was too busy playing!


Here's just a silly pic of Callie I wanted to throw in :)

and here's Callie all tuckered out from a very active weekend

We weren't going to bother going to see any other fireworks, but when we realized that it would take us 3 minutes to walk to Fairview Park for the Normal show on Monday evening we decided it would be worth it.. and it was lots of fun, but of course, I didn't bring my camera so no pics to share.
Sorry again.


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