Monday, July 18, 2011

step by step for getting your ears pierced

Saturday I got my ears pierced for the first time in all my 26 years! Kevin and I had talked earlier in the summer about me getting my ears pierced, but we hadn't found the time to do it (or I hadn't gotten up the courage yet ;) So while he was out of town this weekend I asked Sam to go with me and didn't tell Kevin my plan... I wanted to see how long it'd take him to notice the change! I couldn't go by myself b/c I needed someone to catch me when i passed out take pictures. Sam took such good pictures you're going to get a step-by-step on getting your ears pierced - in case you also find yourself at 26 years old and clueless! :)

Here's me explaining to the lady that I pass out at the eye doctor in addition to the regular doctor - yeah, i'm a bit of a wimp. :)

Here's my piercing earing options: you have to have these in for 8-12 weeks and you should get gold in case you might have a nickle allergy.

Here's my before shot (I forgot to look all sad and depressed like before shots are supposed to look) :)

the next step is cleaning the piercing area

Then they make a mark on your ears to show you where the earing will go and see if that's where you want it. During this process I found out my ear lobes are differet sizes just like my feet! I've never noticed this before, but I guess it's pretty common!

left ear mark

right ear mark

the piercing guns... they didn't look too scary.

it didn't hurt at all! it didn't even feel as bad as a shot (yes, I pass out when I get shots too)

notice how my smile got bigger on the second ear cause the first ear didn't hurt!

once the earings were in they taught me how to sterilize my hands and ears to protect against infection.

you have to clean the front and back and twist the earing to make sure it's not getting embedded in your ear.

all done!

I didn't even pass out!!!
Kevin noticed the earings within 2 minutes of being home and within 5 seconds of looking at me (he had to pet the dogs first) - I even had my hair down over my ears! He wins major points for being such an observant husbad! Now I just need to start working on my earing collection. Feel free to help me out!


  1. Abby you look so cute!!! They look great on you, and I'll have to keep my eye out for earings now (especially when I'm abroad again)! Let me know if you like dangling, hoops, studs, etc. :) Adina


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