Sunday, May 20, 2012

i can see clearly now that the windows are gone

I can see clearly now that the windows are gone... well, at least the old windows are gone and now we have new windows!!!

We've needed them since we moved in, but frankly it's hard to spend so much money on a functional home improvement expense (rather than a pretty home improvement expense).
However, I'm in love! They are beautiful windows and the ability to open a window without using a can of hairspray to prop it so it stays open is ahhhmazing!

We'll start with least exciting to most exciting :)

Here's the upstairs bathroom before:

and after!

Here's our bedroom before:

and after!

Here's the dining room before:

and after!

Here's the family room before:

and after!

This big window in our family room didn't open before and now it does!
The added airflow has been really great with the weather being so nice lately!

Here's a close up of the new window header we put up in the family room and dining room (and will put in the kitchen at a later date) to add some architectural interest.

Even Callie has been loving the new windows
(sorry for the bad pic quality - phone camera)

What do you think? Pretty, right??!!
I'm working on sewing curtains now so stay tuned for that update!!!

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