Sunday, May 13, 2012

i once had a birthday

I once had a birthday... it was three weeks ago now, but here's some pictures anyway :)

Casey's birthday was just a couple of days b/f mine so we got to celebrate together at our in-laws

Jayne was happy to share in the brithday cake!

I made sangria for my birthday cookout - YUM!

and my baby-girl-friend Ella made sure to check out my birthday flowers

The best part of my birthday was that Kevin got me a hammock!!!!

We've really been enjoying it (except for the bird poop on my maiden voyage nap).
Callie and I have taken many naps in it and sometimes Kevin will join us and rock the hammock!
It's the best thing ever! Seriously!


Despite all the hammock naps, Callie was still worn out at the end of my birthday weekend :)

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  1. UMMM how did I not know you got a hammock??? I bet you didn't tell me because you know you'll come home from work and find me napping there!


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