Monday, May 7, 2012

it takes a community to grow a garden

Kevin & I were so excited to find out our town was starting a community garden this year!
Kevin stood in line on sign-up day just to make sure we got a plot (and it's a good thing he did, b/c the plots didn't last long at all)!

There were a couple of different sized plots to pick from, but we stuck with the basic 10 x 10 this year as a test to see how green our thumbs will turn out to be :)

Here's our little plot

Mid-April we planted spinach, lettuce, peas, & green beans

Both of our parents had veggie gardens so we grew up eating fresh & yummy homegrown veggies.

Can you pick out the pea seeds in the picture below?

Just this past Sunday we went out to plant green onions, garlic, tomatoes, & peppers

It was hot out! Mia was panting just by observing our hard work!

And Callie was so excited about how well the spinach was growing that she had to have some grass salad right then and there!

I didn't try the grass, myself, but the spinach does look tasty!

We planted green, yellow, & red peppers... can't wait for those!

I've snapped a lot of green beans already in my lifetime, but I'm happily anticipating doing more from my very own garden later this summer.

 I love our pretty little green garden!

 If you're as impressed as I am with how we've actually got stuff growing then I'll have to take & share pictures of some of the other plots... we're just cherry tomatoes amateurs compared to some of the masterpieces out there!

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