Sunday, January 8, 2012

a lovely ruffled scarf

I'm so excited about how this ruffled scarf turned out! I made it for my sister for Christmas and can't wait to make another one for myself! I found the origional idea and tutorial here. The tutorial has beautiful pictures, but I felt some clarifications on the instructions would be helpful, so here's my two-cent tutorial :)

1/2 yard 60" jersey material
 matching thread
string pearls (found in the jewelry section)

I cut two 8" x 60" pieces of fabric and pinned them wrong sides together.

Then you zigzag sew the edges together stretching the material as you go (this creates the ruffle). Sew around the whole scarf. You can round the corners of the scarf if desired (I didn't do this so much this time, but plan to do it more on the next scarf I make).

I used the remaining jersey material to cut 10 2" circles for the flowers

Follow this tutorial to make the flowers and then hand sew them to the top layer of the scarf.

That's all there is to it!
Now you convince your special someone to take you on a date so you can show off your new accessory and crafty skilzzz (and that's the hard part of this project!)

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