Tuesday, January 10, 2012

happy bee day, ella! {part 2}

This post is continued from here. Be sure to check out the food & decorations in part 1.

After the bee bee Q sandwiches and bee nector it was time to open gifts.
Ella knew what to do

and so did her big cousin, Tessa!

Finally it was time for some birthday cake!

Where's my cake???

Ella got her own mini beehive cake.
She was a little cautious getting started

but it didn't take her long to figure things out...

...take a handful and stuff it in!

getting drunk on sugar :)

must eat more

do you see my belly... it's full of cake!!!

This party was sooo much fun!! Fun to prep for and fun to enjoy!
Great idea, Amy & great job being so cute, Ella!

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