Tuesday, January 10, 2012

happy bee day, ella! {part 1}

It seems like just yesterday when I took Ella's 6 month pictues, but it was actually 6 months ago!
The little beauty just turned one and I got to help her mama out with some fun details for her 1 year "bee" day party!!!

Warning: there are a googillion pictures in this post, but I seriously cut out some very cute pictues and tried to narrow it down to the cutest and most detailed shots... however, Ella is very cute and there were lots of great party details so there's still a googillion pictures to enjoy!

Party decorations

Family pic

Let's get this party started already!

The dessert table was awesome!!!

Amy & I made this bee cookies earlier in the week. I love how they turned out!

The food table, pre-food :)

I actually made the beehive cake... and I'm pretty proud of it! Amy & I did a practice cake back in December and boy was that a lifesaver!

There were so many cute details, like this fun note station

Amy even made Ella's dress!!! I got to help too, but Ella's the one that made it look special :)

More cute details

Aren't these honeybear bottles filled with lemon heads just the cutest?!?!

make sure to check out the gift opening and cake eating in part 2 of this post, here.


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