Sunday, October 23, 2011

"my kind" of date

Sooo Kevin & I went on a paint-your-own-pottery date. Guess whose idea that was?!?
Of course it was mine, but probably only because Kevin didn't think of it first! Haha!
I had lots of fun and he's still alive so everything's good :)
And no, he didn't lose a bet, he just loves me!!!

I picked a bowl to paint

and Kevin picked a vase

I had to take little breaks from all the circles I was painting

Kevin decided to add some embelishments to his vase

Kevin is admiring his pottery painting skilz :)

All painted!

Now we just had to wait a week for our pieces to be glazed.

Here's my bowl before being glazed.

and here's after!

Kevin's vase looks great after (glazing) too!


I love the 3D flowers and initials!

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