Monday, October 3, 2011

camping & climbing in the wild

This past weekend we went camping & climbing with our good friends, Sam & Rich.
Here are a few of my favorite pics of the weekend:

Sam was wonderful and made all the food for us the whole weekend!

Mia loves being outside and especially wanted to play with all the horses she saw

This was Kevin's first time climing outside - I think he wants to go again!

Mia & Callie didn't want to be left behind so they tried to climb too!!!

I didn't do any climbing. I just sat and knitted (more on that later), napped, read, and played with the doggies. It was so relaxing!!!

Hobbes (Sam & Rich's second child doggie) didn't like not being able to climb either

The weather was absolutely perfect - I'm so glad we got in one more camping weekend before we're shut indoors for the winter.

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