Wednesday, October 12, 2011

candice and beardy

My friend from ISU, Candice got married this past weekend to her "Beardy" (aka Nick).
It was such a fun, sweet wedding and we loved getting to hang out with some of our old ISU peeps.

There were so many kinds of cupcakes it was hard to pick just one... so I didn't... I ate two!!

I wish I had a pic of the boquets, they were make of felt and embelishments in a similar style to the centerpieces. I loved them!!

Kevin and I

Drew & Emily all the way from Minnesota

Candice and Pat breaking it down on the dance floor.

Kevin was never told that white boys can't dance and now when I try to hint at it, he doesn't believe me. :)

Mikey & Jackie enjoying a dance

It was a pretty special night and Pat was having so much fun he took some very unique photos... check out fb in the next couple of days for more :)




And here's what Candice, Me, Drew, & Pat looked like waaaay back in our ISU days

haha! I love it!

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