Monday, September 26, 2011

{the house} gettin spiffied up for fall

Friday was the first day of the fall season and I was able to spend some time decorating the house for the new season!

First thing I did was make this cool twig tree.

Here's the supplies I used

1. Mini hanging pumpkins (the origional inspiration for this project, I got them at a garage sale earlier this year for $0.50)
2. A glass vase I already owned (also a past garage sale purchase)
3. Cool twig trees I picked up at Hobby Lobby for half price
4. Candy corn to use for vase filler (I love candy corn!)

I started by arranging the twigs in my vase

Then I added the candy corn to fill up the vase because I needed something to balance out the weight. With out a base filler, the twigs were too top heavy for the vase I was using.

Finally, I hung my cute pumpkins on the twig tree

I just love how it turned out!

I picked up some mini gourds from the farmers market for $0.25/each to add to my decorations

And hung a wreath in our picture window

And filled the candy jar with festive yogurt pretzels

Callie even got in the spirit and wore her fall sweater - so cute!

Our tree out front is already a mixture of red, yellow, brown, and green and the leaves are falling fast. I love living in a part of the world that has changing seasons!

Happy Fall!!!

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