Friday, September 2, 2011

pom pillow project

I've recently decided to try making some throw pillows. I don't have that many throw pillows because they can be expensive and I am still mulling over my colors for certain rooms in the house.

But then, I came across this Pom Pillow tutorial, origionally found here, and I fell in love and needed wanted to have one.

It was very fun and easy to make and I love how it turned out!!!

I didn't take too many pictues because the origional tutorial has great instructions and awesome pictures - check it out!

My two clariflying tips for the origional tutorial are...

I was pretty worried when my first pom pom turned out like the one below on the right, but that's ok b/c once you trim it, it will look like the one on the left - like it's supposed to!

Secondly, it took a little to figure out the best way to hold the pom pom for trimming. As you see me holding it below worked best for me. Once it's pretty evenly trimmed across the top I let it hang free and then trimmed the edges a little extra (the yarn closest to were my hand is in the pic).

I think this pillow could look good with some other colors or maybe a yarn that has multiple colors in it, but I loved the "natural" look and wanted to recreate the same feel for my pillow! Again, I love it and I love that I made it! It's the little touches like this that make this house we live in our home!

Kevin is gone all weekend and I've got a list of projects I'd like to try/do that's about 2 miles long, so wish me luck and hopefully you'll see good results blogged about soon!!!

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