Thursday, September 15, 2011

chilly days and fireplace dreams

The weather is awesome today! A perfectly chilly fall morning! I love when the weather is like this because it really gets me excited for all the things I do love about cold weather, like soft blankets, hot chocolate, bright socks, cozy fires, beautifully colored leaves, and pumpkin flavored ice cream... to name a few. :)

Sadly, we do not have a cozy fireplace in our house, or a fireplace at all. It is a must for our next house though, and it keeps me dreaming about that future day. The only thing better than a fireplace would be a fireplace in a sunroom!!!

Here's some inspiration pics to help get you on the same page

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  1. ooh. I like the second and fourth ones best. Seems so nice to put the fireplaces against the outdoor scene.


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