Thursday, July 5, 2012

a story to make you smile

I don't often write up stories, but every once in a while something happens which just has to be shared. I'm hoping you will also enjoy and this isn't one of those "situational" funnies :)

This week Kevin subbed for a volleyball team and I went along to heckle cheer his team from the sidelines (aka the outdoor bar area :).

Wellll, this guy at the next table kept hitting on me... Dude. Ring. Duh!

I'll spare you all the details, but at one point his friend leaned over and asked if the guy was annoying me, to which I said "yes". Everyone laughed, but sadly my honesty was not rewarded.

As a last ditch effort to get my phone number this guy gives me his "business" card - I put business in quotes b/c he was an MMA fighter. Maybe all MMA fighters have business cards? Seems a little silly, but hey, what do I know?!

How I resisted this guy's charms I'll never know, but it certainly did NOT have anything to do with:

1. His age, because being a cougar is all the rage in society these days
2. His looks, because wife beaters, large billed ball caps & shorts with a waist that falls to your hips is a timeless & classic style.
3. His manners, because, in general, I swoon for every guy who gives me a cheeky wink.
(Please be visualizing Ryan from this season of the Bachelorette, because that would be spot on!)

Finally, he and his friends call it a night and I'm left to focus on my HUSBAND kicking butt at volleyball!
come on, pick it up! grandpa coulda hit that from a wheel chair

Not 10 minutes later I overhear the waitress complaining about "that young guy at the next table" who left without paying his bill! I quickly (and cheerily) piped up "you mean that guy who was sitting right there?" while pointing to the now empty seat of my flirty MMA fighter. When the waitress nodded her head I said, even more cheerily than before, "HERE! He left me his business card, feel free to give him a call!" 


I was rewarded with the biggest grin I have received in quite some time and whether she did anything with his information or not I don't know (I'm pretty sure I saw the idea of prank calls twinkle in her eyes if nothing else).

Let me pause again, hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

I want to end with a "the moral of the story is...", but honestly, I don't have one - it was just a funny story :)

If you'd rather read a funny story more along the lines of me embarrassing myself be sure to check out this old gem.

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