Sunday, July 29, 2012

july holiday - baseball

The Rogers family loves to go to a Card's game when everyone is home for the big 4th of July bash.
Here are some pictures of our crazy, funny family!

Me & Kevin

We had to arrive several hours before game start time because it was replica jersey night... I made fun of Kevin for wanting to go sooo early, but the line was crazy long to get in and apparently I didn't understand the dedication of true St. Louis Cardinal fans because if we hadn't gone so early we wouldn't have gotten a jersey!

Since we were early though we had time to go see the 2011 World Series trophy!

We also got to see Carlos Beltran's 2,000 hit... cool!

Claire got a better view than the rest of us!

We're making silly faces!

Our view from the top

The Rogers love us some baseball!!!

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