Monday, July 16, 2012

bob? larry?

Bob? Larry? My baby girl friend, Tessa, tuned 2 last month and seems to always say "Bob" and "Larry" with a question mark at the end - it's pretty darn cute! I was sooo excited to be asked to try my hand at some Veggie Tales cake pops for her big party. Tessa adores Veggie Tales and can sing along to all her favorite songs... it's adorable!

Here's what they started out looking like... don't worry... ok I was worried, I had a professional baker on speed dial just in case :)

Ok that's a little better at least

Time lapse from the last step to this step apx 2 hours. Not 1 picture taken... I was stressing, I did the faces freehand and I can't even draw a circle that looks round :)

Please do not focus on the pirate Larry above. I ate him so he would not show up and ruin the party :)

An army of Bobs

I'm pretty happy with how they turned out! Not perfect, but they certainly looked like Bob & Larry!

The display made them 10x cuter!

And Tessa didn't have any problems munching on her beloved Larry

and Bob :)

Next up: monkeys, tigers, & lions for Owen's first birthday!

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