Sunday, February 17, 2013

our most delicious dinner of the year

Yes, that's right, every year for Valentine's day Kevin outdoes himself by cooking the most amazing dinner of the year! The only rules: it must include bacon and chocolate covered strawberries!
Yeah, the rules make it pretty tough so here's our 2013 most amazing, delicious dinner of the year!
We started by snacking on some delicious home-dipped chocolate covered strawberries
And then, to try minimize the bacon in all the other dishes, we moved on to cheese fondue with bread & veggies
We enjoyed some good Colorado wine
and then things got serious...
As in, bacon serious.
It's hard to top years past of bacon wrapped pork, then bacon wrapped steak so now Kevin just adds a little or a lotta bacon to everything for this annual dinner {this is not a complaint sentence, rather, it's more a of a thank you Jesus! sentence}.
{Hey! I bet I'll get bacon wrapped chocolate covered strawberries next year!?!}
Ok, ok here it is
Bacon wrapped filet mignon, lobster tail, mashed potatoes w/ bacon & cheddar and green beans with bacon & onions. Again, can I get a thank you Jesus!
It's perfectly alright if you are drooling right now. Callie still has a neck cramp by spending the whole dinner holding perfectly still in homage to all the bacon
Kevin also made some homemade strawberry ice cream topping that we had on vanilla ice cream - we ate that the next day because I was just too full to eat any more that night.
I forgot to take a picture of the ice cream {I tend to eat dessert first and ask questions later} so instead you get this lovely picture of the great Valentine Chef himself after a hard days labor
and least you think he forgot anything...
here's the beautiful flowers he gave me to start the evening
 Kevin you are an awesome, thoughtful, caring man {and cook} and I love you very much!