Sunday, June 10, 2012

sarah is getting married so I threw her a paaartay

My little sister (Sarah) is getting married (sniff, sniff *tear*)

I got to host her bridal shower this weekend and it was so much fun!

Warning: there are lots of pictures and I'll probably post again so you can see all my "pinsperations"

First impressions are always important and one of my favorite parts of the shower was indeed the invitation (print file from this etsy shop)

I love how cute this ruffle wreath is (DIY project, details here!)

Awww Sarah & Tristan

Everything turned out out so pretty (again, thanks to pinterest!)

I LOVE flowers and I love decorating with them and I love taking pictures of them so....

I got all the different ribbons at Hobby Lobby and hot glued them to the mason jars
The flowers were from the grocery store.

Each guest wrote a note/saying of love or wisdom to Sarah on a spoon!
(I forgot to take an after pic)

Now comes the all-important food
(I got all my fabrics from JoAnn's)

Mini cinnamon rolls

Fruit salad

Breakfast crescent ring
(with hashbrowns, bacon, egg & cheese)

Blue cheese stuffed mushrooms
(a go-to favorite, recipe previously posted here)

& asparagus mushroom quiche
(this was very yummy!)

I had a bunch of different fruit juices on had so you could create your own mimosa
Besides flowers, mimosas also make it on the list of things I love :)

And you know I can't do anything without cupcakes,
but these are MUFFINS... with icing

Banana muffins with peanut butter buttercream
Chocolate chip sour cream muffins with chocolate buttercream
Blueberry cupcakes with lemon cream cheese icing

Finally some pictures of people!!!
This is the family table

and this is the friend table

We started game time with this fun door prize:
"who has the groom"

the envelopes were taped to the bottom of each guest's chair and the person who had the groom was the lucky winner (everyone else had a celebrity Mr.)! These seriously crack me up every time I look at them!!!

The next game we played was called Staches & Tiaras.
I read a question and then an answer and guests had to guess if the answer was the groom's or the bride's and hold up a mustache (groom) or tiara (bride) to cast their vote

Tristan & Sarah gave the same answer for several of the questions so I guess that means they are going to get along all right :)

This is my mom... she doesn't usually have a mustache ;)

We also played wedding scattergories, match the wedding clue to the candy & the price is right.
I'll give more details on those in another post b/c they were all fun games to play at a shower/party!

Also, I didn't take any pictures during opening the gifts... I think getting up at 5:30 to get everything done by the 10:30 party time fried my brain... you know, more than it's usually fried anyway :)

Here's the formal family shot

and the friend picture

and Sarah (my sis) & I

Isn't she beautiful?! Tristan has no idea what a good catch he's made... but he'll figure it out :)

Sorry for the load of pictures, but it was so fun and I wanted to share!! 

UPDATE: See all my pinsperations on this follow up post
UPDATE: See how to plan for & play the games in this follow up post

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  1. Um I am floored. This is amazing. Like you should be featured in a magazine amazing. wow.

  2. SO INCREDIBLE! love every bit. :)

  3. LOVE it all!!! You did such a great job! :)

    1. Oops...Forgot to sign my name...I typed that!
      Klarisa :)

  4. Lots of great ideas. I would love to try the mason jar game. Did you cut the jars out with a cutter. Is so did you have a file that can be shared or bought somewhere? Love the cupcakes too! Yum yum!

  5. Just wondering if I can get your recipes for the muffins that you made in the mason jars? Too cute!
    Thanks Nicole

    1. I used this recipe:

      I used salted butter instead of unsalted and I used mini chocolate chips instead of regular sized. I also did not grease the jars (to avoid visual implications) and it worked out just fine.

  6. Hi--what brand of lace did you use? Also, was there another layer you put on top of the lace before the ribbon? I love these centerpieces and want to make them for a friend's wedding shower?

    1. Also, no additional layer between the lace & ribbon.

    2. I don't know what brand it was. I got it from Hobby Lobby & JoAnns. The "ribbons" where all pre-packaged spools and the "laces" where all by-the-yard.


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