Sunday, November 11, 2012

give thanks ruffle wreath

I made this pretty ruffle wreath for my sister's bridal shower earlier this year
I loved it and couldn't wait to make one for myself. So I finally did! 

What??? A seasonal project that I'm blogging about before the season has passed?!?!?!
Don't get too excited, I'm putting money on this being a rare event :)
This wreath is very easy and fun to do. I did it during one episode of The Voice so that is about 1 1/2 hours at this point in the season?!
DISCLAIMER: the writers of the blog (me!) in no way recommend watching tv and opperating a glue gun (curses have been removed to maintain our PG rating)
3/4 yard fabric
1 wire wreath
glue gun
small amount of written/string
fabric pen
 The first step is the most fun! You rip the fabric to get the frayed edge look! To prepare the fabric I make a little 1/2 inch snip (about an inch or two) from the cut edge of the fabric. Then grap both sides of the fabric on either side of the "snip" and pull rip away! This first rip is to straighten your edge. Now, you will need to rip 4 - 4" strips. Just like above: measure 4" away from the now ripped edge of the fabric, make a little snip, and then grasp the two sides of the fabric and rip.
Too bad making the strips takes like 2 seconds cause it is fun to do!
Clean up the strip edges a little by pulling loose threads, giving it a more frayed look.

Now you take the long 4" stips and cut them into 4 equal sized pieces of fabric.
You should end up with 16 pieces of fabric now.

Wire wreath are just a few dollars at the craft store or I even got mine at a garage sale for $0.50!
There are four rows of green wire. I attached my ruffles to the inner most row, then skipped a row, and attached more ruffles to the second from outside row.
Use one piece of fabric per a section, per a row.
The fabric does not meet the wire of the wreath at the half way point, but instead the front should be shorter and the back longer. This will create the look of two rows of ruffles: see picture below.
Add a line of glue from the glue gun to the wire of the wreath, then fold up the fabic to create your ruffles. Do not glue the fabric much above the wire of the wreath or it will look stiff and not flow like a ruffle should. Just glue along the bottom where the wire wreath form is.

Where sections of fabric meet side to side, I did occasionally add small amounts of glue so they would lay as I wanted them to and appear to be one continuous ruffle.
This is first row of fabric; creating two rows of ruffle:

Now the second row of fabric is added; creating 4 rows of ruffles
To finish I tied twine to the back of the wreath and 
cut diamond shapes out of the remaining fabric which I then folded in half over the twine to get a pennant shape & glued in place. I used a fabric pen to write "give thanks" on the pennant shapes and I was done!
I think the simplicty makes it powerful and I love that!


Here's a few shots of the first one I made for Sarah & Tristan

So I have some favorites from The Voice, but I haven't seen the elimnations episode from Thursday night. So I'll be working on my never ending paper wreath later today and catching up on that :)

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