Saturday, June 9, 2012

camping with friends, dogs & marshmallows

Last weekend we went camping with friends at Comlara Park, which is just about 15 minutes north of town
The weather was as perfect as camping weather gets!

And we just hung out and enjoyed it!

We cooked "hots" or "brawt dogs" for dinner - that's what Kevin said when he mixed up brats & hot dogs! Haha! :)

The first day of camping Callie is a big scardy cat and stays right next to us, but by the second day she's out exploring anything and everything.

Annie spent some quality relaxation time in the hammock.

Cute pic of "ZoZo" - it was her first time camping!

Bryce made a supply run for everybody, thanks Bryce!

The campfire was sooo pretty

With a fire this good we definately took advantage and had some smores!
Ok Ok, quite trying to drag it out of me... I had 2 smores and 8 more marshmallows
Geez, I was camping, marshmallow are what you're supposed to eat when camping!

It was also Harley's first camping trip, he really LOVED camping.

Here he's chasing a spider across the campsite!

And of course I couldn't leave out a pic of Mia :)

It was a really fun camping trip, can't wait to do it again!

Annie took some fun jumping pics & couple pics; check them out here


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