Thursday, November 15, 2012

my celebrity experience

No I didn't meet Madonna or Lady Gaga...

This was so much better!

My favorite blog Young House Love, which is a DIY blog that I read daily and was the inspiration for our downstairs bathroom redo, just published their first book. Woot Woot!

Aaaaand they came to Chicago for a book signing. So I decided that I would follow my heart and be a groupie for the first time in my entire life. Seriously, even Mickey Mouse never got this kind of love from me!
{I'm thinking the Mickey Mouse reference just revealed my age, umm Power Rangers, Pokemon, Barney, Dora - who the Heck would be a modern refernce these days?!?!}

My very supportive Mr. came along (with absolutely no arm twisting on my part!) to keep me safe from all the other crazed fans and be my chauffeur for the day. Thanks, Babe!

Notice he even thought to dress the part of a DIYer; all rough and ready to tackle projects ;)

First we had lunch at this amazing burger joint because we knew we'd need the energy for standing in line!

A banana nutella shake for me!

And a turducken burger for Kevin
(it even had duck bacon! yum!)

Finally, we got in line... and O boy was it a line!

But I never doubted waiting in that line - it helps the commitment that we drove two hours already :)


We talked to others in line who drove from as far as Ohio and Northern Michigan! So watch out Madonna, maybe Sherry & John (that's their names... I know cause we're like this "fingers crossed" now) ARE pretty big.
Now when I meet Madonna I'll have to say "No, it wasn't Sherry & John, but..." 

Thankfully, it warmed up that day and I just had to stress about crazy-rain-weather-hair instead of my fingers turning black from cold

Loooook, we could see them through the window!!!

No, I did not smash my face against the glass trying to get closer
but only because I'm a recovering germ-a-phobe and almost died just thinking about all those germs

Finally, we made it to the front of the line!

OMG!!! Sherry is talking to me in this photo!!! And John is signing MY book!!!

We're like family now. I think we said about two sentances a piece

"thanks for waiting in line" "they said you were worth it" "Oooo big camera" "haha" "cheese"

I must have blacked out for the rest of our soul bearing conversation, but I'm sure it was the type of stuff that makes one blood brothers :)

They were verrrry nice and look how happy they are even after the hundreds of people who came through the line before us.

That's why I'm ok crushing on them: They work hard and appreciate their fans!


For a 2 hour drive + 2 1/2 hour wait in line + another 2 hour drive
I still seemed pretty happy at the end of the day :)

That's my book! With my name in it! And Sherry & John's names too! Gahh!

I want to tell you the book is great, but it's insured... in a safe deposit box so I have to go buy another one to be able to read it, haha!

Who's up next? Maybe Candice Olsen or David Bromstad will come to town??

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