Tuesday, December 20, 2011

christmas light sightings

I love driving around looking at Christmas lights and Kevin is so good to be my chauffeur every year! This year the Pantagraph website had a nifty map of "bright" houses worth seeing. See here for the map.
I even snapped some pictures in case you might feel like you're too old to go driving around yourself, but still want to see all the pretty lights!

pretty sparkly lights!

this house make great use of rope lighting and spot lights!

this is my favorite huse that hass lights programmed to music - so much fun!

this house had lot of blow ups!

This tree is in our neck of the woods and it is huge! I can't believe they can get lights all the way ont he top!

I love Christmas time!


  1. where is that horrendous house on hovey?! that place is borderling terrifying.

  2. That Hovey house is crazy!!! Even though I've driven by it for 6 years running I still was transfixed by all the lights as we drove by it... too engrossed to even take a picture!


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