Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 in review

2011 has been my first full year of blogging!! I think the reason I'm addicted is because it's pretty much a picture journal and I'll take pictures over words any day!!

Based on this year's blog posts here's what happened in my neck of the woods during 2011:

I got new glasses,

a new haircut,

and my ears pierced.

Kevin grew some extra hair, cut it all off and then ended up back where he started :)

Kevin also turned the b i g 3 - 0 this year! Woot Woot! We celebrated with friends, fun & cupcakes!

Mia started the year off with knee surgery and is doing great now!

I'm am learning to cut both doggies hair

We shared with our friends & family the blessings of first children:

and Owen

We celebrated the marriages of

There was more celebrating for my sister's high school graduation

We were able to visit some great places like

We watched our beloved Cards win another World Series!!

We also kept plenty busy around the house with:

Our first big bathroom remodel

canning grape juice

decorating with crafts

my first ever furniture redo

and just enjoing life!!!

and that's just a recap! What a great year! God has so richly blessed my life and I can't wait for all the exciting times  2012 will bring!!!

Happy New Year!!!


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