Saturday, December 24, 2011

gifts as a love language

Since "gifts" is one of my primary love languages and shopping is one of my favorite activities...
I love Christmas!!

I've been seeing some really fun wrapping ideas on pinterest lately so I browsed the scrapbooking isle at Hobby Lobby and this is how some of my gifts turned out this year:

this one is to Kevin from Mia & Callie :)

My dad loves starbucks!

My sister, Marsha, loves all things that glitter and sparkle!

These nut crackers & santa were just 3D scrapbooking stickers!

Hopefully, there will be as much joy in opening these gifts as I had wrapping them!

Christmas definately make me refelct on how Jesus is the ultimate gift and he continues to shower me with many good gifts and how grateful I am to be able to also give to those I love.


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