Wednesday, May 6, 2015

breakfast coffee shop {bridal shower}

2015 is the year of weddings and all things wedding related. My younger sister is getting married in about a month (lots more on that as it happens!) and several couples from our church are taking the plunge this year as well ;)

This is a breakfast coffee shop themed shower I did for my friend, Chelsea. 
This was a church shower so we had a "committee" of five and my friend, Erin, hosted at her home.

I made this cool coffee filter wreath with these instructions. I found both colors of filters at my local grocery store. I did not cut a hole, but rather just used a large darning needle and poked through the center of the filters. I also tied a knot on both sides of each "bunch" of 15 filters so that they would be sure to clump together... basically you just scrunch and crumple after that part!

This printable was a download from etsy that I got on sale.

Both the love signs on the right I already had {from Target & Gordman's clearance sections}
The invitation was done by my very skilled friend, Samantha.

I also had this coffee art already, originally from Gordman's

This cute antique strawberry crate/basket is from Kevin's grandma. I spray painted these recycled cans in blue, silver and copper. Then filled them with mixed white flowers and greenery for party favors. I think they look so sweet :)

Now for the all important breakfast FOOD table!

I found this cute blue coffee pot and the thrift store for $1 and the sign is from Hobby Lobby. 
O yes, and the candles! For cans that didn't have flowers, I filled them with coffee beans and a tea light so we'd get that coffee shop smell (pinterest gets the credit for this idea... of course)!

I have finally found a donut shop in town that is worthy of my attention! Market street bakery is wonderful, especially their chocolate icing! These are waxed paper bags, that I folded down and added ribbon for cuteness and color

The other girls, made sausage biscuits, fruit cups, blueberry muffins & cinnamon rolls, YUM!
My friend also designed the stickers for our coffee sleeves, they are too cute!

Obviously we have coffee and additives... and OJ :)

Our activity was a custom crossword puzzle. It was so fun and personal and fit the breakfast coffee shop theme to a T
{You can just google custom crossword and there are several options on multiple sites}

Hard at work on the crossword... Yes, I do believe Danielle is cheating on her phone ;)

Sadly, this is the only other pic I took of people: Chelsea opening up her gifts.

Now you may think this shower is all about me and my love for coffee, but Chelsea certainly enjoys her coffee as well! And who doesn't love breakfast?!?!

Here's my pinterest board for the shower.

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