Thursday, April 9, 2015

peter pan {rustic barn wood sign}

I joined forces with my friend, Klarisa and her Dad, to make this sign for a mutual friend's nursery.
The Peter Pan quote is so very sweet!

(cell phone photos again, sorry for the poor quality)

Klarisa and her Dad put the sign together with old barn boards and I did the painting.

I do not have pretty hand writing so I meticulously printed, cut, traced then painted the words onto the boards (I used a white gel pen for the tracing).

I also opted to paint a coat of black paint on first so that the white wording would be sure to stick out.

After the painting was done I went back and "beat up" the sign, by sanding and banging on it with both ends of a hammer. This was very stressful for me, as I thought the sign looked great after I was down with all the hard work of painting and was afraid I'd mess it up by roughing it up!
I trusted the advice of pinterest though, and I do love the results with the more rustic look!

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