Tuesday, December 3, 2013

december photo challenge

In an attempt to start blogging regularly again I have imposed upon myself a December photo-a-day challenge! I'm going to be pretty loosey-goosey about the rules so it doesn't become stressful! The main rules are: I will only be using my phone camera for this challenge and that I can't take more than 3 pics a day (to account for make-ups :) and since I only decided that I was going to do this challenge as of yesterday, December 2, I did have to take 2 pics yesterday to get caught up already!
I'm using this schedule for inspiration, most likely just switching up the days a bunch:
December Photo a day Challenge copy
Wish me luck!!

Day 1: Your view today
Day 2: Bright 
Day 3: Favorite holiday movie
Day 4: Christmas tree
Day 5: Red
Day 6: Morning
Day 7: Todays temp
Day 8: Outside lights
Day 9: Fun
Day 10: Sky view
Day 11: Tradition
Day 12: Your winter wonderland
Day 13: A beautiful sight
Day 14: Wrapping paper
Day 15: Joyous
Day 16: Night Time
Day 17: Cookies
Day 18: Shopping
Day 19: Words
Day 20: Stockings
Day 21: Family
Day 22: Gifts


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