Sunday, August 26, 2012

shower curtains you say? not i!

The start of this story goes back more than three years... back to when we first bought our house. We have not had curtains in our upstairs living and dining room since we moved in (except for the blue sheet we ocassionaly had to hang to reduce tv glare :). Well, maybe I should have said the story starts about 27 year ago becase it really just boils down to me: I am picky! I have actually been on the look-out for curtains, either already made or just the material, this whole three years, but until this summer was not able to find exactly what I wanted. It is a litle more than possble that I wasn't 100% sure what I wanted, but I'm poud that I didn't jump the gun and get something I'd be unhappy with!
Well, we were running into Lowe's for a quick pick up and low and behold I spied these shower curtains. I liked them right away and took one home to lay out in the living room for a week to see if they really were want I wanted for "the curtains".
Of course, you know where this is going... I did/do love them and bought 11 shower curtains to turn into regular curtains for the living room, dining room & kitchen!
I had to use the shower curtains just as matrial becase they were nether the correct length nor width. I also added curtain lining to help block out more light. Then I hemmed and added curtain rings to fnish them off.
Here's the room after we got our windows done this summer and before the new curtains:


And here we are now:

This picture is a pretty good representation of the curtain color in real life:

Who doesn't love some before and after shots??
Here's before at the beginning of the summer:
and here's after!

I love them enough that I find myself staring at them for long periods of time, they are so much prettier to stare at than just the wall!

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