Sunday, August 19, 2012

let's be serious...

You remember my sister, Sarah???

She just got married!!
(see about her bridal shower, here)

Her bachelorette party was a very formal, serious event




In about 85% of the pictures someone (or everyone) is making a funny face. But why try to describe this when I can just show you?!?

The night started in our hotel room where everyone (except Sarah) came wearing black... and then we accessorized!

At first the girls were a little dubious about all the feathers, color & bling

but pretty soon everyone was loving it!

Our first stop was for appetizers... well, basically wine and cheese :)

Sarah was pretty excited about the cheese fondue

I guess I kinda was too

Sarah x 2

As the old ladies older girls in the group my even older sister and I tried to act mature... didn't work, naturally. :)

Stop #1 was voted a success!

Our next stop was for pizza!

Because Bonnie believes a deep dish pizza filled with cheese could always use a little more cheese!

Angie & April

That's all the pizza pictures. I might have been a little focused on eating and forgot to take many pics ;)

But don't worry - next up: ice cream!

Everything started off well

but then this happened:

which of course resulted in more awesome pictures

So as you can see we had a fun silly awesome evening!

We did make one more stop

but it was past my bedtime so I took zero pictures and it was also past Marsha's bedtime because there was quite of few pictures of this candle and not much else :)

haha! Sarah, I hope you had as much fun as I did!

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