Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birthday Freebies

I love freebies... and birthdays... unless it mine. So to make this year more bearable exciting I took a half-day off work and Kevin & I ate (and slept) the afternoon away!

We started at Moe's - my birthday coupon was for a free meal, w/ no extra purchase, so we split a burrito and chips w/ salsa and just spent a little extra on a Dr. Pepper for Kevin.

Next was Culver's for a free sundae; they told me to "go crazy" so I got hot fudge sauce, brownie bits, and whip cream on top, Yum!

It was raining pretty hard that afternoon which makes me very sleepy so we took a 2 hour nap next! It was wonderful!

Noodles also gives you a free meal w/ no extra purchase so we got Pad Thai w/ grilled chicken to go and ate it while we caught up on our tv shows for the week.

To finish the day we meet w/ friends for a late dinner at Reality Bites, a tapas style restaurant in downtown Bloomington. I did not have a birthday coupon for here, but had purchased a gift card through Seize the Deal a couple of months ago. This was my first time at Reality Bites and I LOVED it!  I will definitely be going back there again!

It was a pretty full (haha, get it? Full?) day for us! Here's the cost/savings break down:

                                                                                 Value           Our Cost
Moe's Burrito & Dr. Pepper                                     9.84                1.85
Culver's sundae                                                       3.59               FREE
Noodles Pad Thai w/ chicken                                7.50               FREE
Reality Bites
    (including origional certificate purchase)        39.00               24.00

    TOTAL                                                                   59.93               25.85

That's a savings of $34.08 or 56%. Gotta love good deals!!!

Here's a list of BloNo area restaurants that offer birthday coupons:

Moe's  -  free meal
Culver's  -  free sundae
Noodles  - free meal
Baskin Robbins  -  free ice cream
Cold Stone  -  free ice cream
Flat Top  -  $5 off stir fry
Biaggi's  -  free dessert w/ meal purchase
Red Lobster - $5 off w/ 2 meal purchase
Applebee's  -  free dessert shooter
Starbucks  -  free drink
DQ  -  free ice cream w/ purchase
BWW  - free dessert
Chevy's  -  free dessert

Any others I'm missing???

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