Wednesday, May 7, 2014

preppy puppy {baby shower}

My friend, Katie, just had her first baby, an absolutely beautiful little girl!!

Almost as soon as I found out Katie was preggo I had an idea for her shower. Katie has a great big heart when it come to dogs. I don't think she's ever met a pup she didn't like. I love how passionate she is about dogs, I think it's an outward expression of how much love she has to give!

This is the inspiration picture from pinterest that led the direction of the shower "theme".

Our main decoration was sewing many paper garlands inspired by this pin and refined a little by this pin. Neither pin really had directions so I simply cut pieces that fit well together size/shape wise. I used a dog bone cookie cutter I had on hand to trace the dog bone paper strand - that was by far the most time consuming strand, but luckily I was watching lots of the Olympics at the same time so Yay for multi-tasking!

We made a variety of puppy chow to munch on and they were all fantastic!
We had some berries and dog shaped cookies too!

These cute little "chip bags" held our puppy chow so we could walk around and visit while still munching at the same time! I found the instructions to make the "bags" here.

 For our drinks we had bottles of coke, water & coffee

 We did more decorating downstairs where Katie opened her gifts.

The jars on the left have milk bones and rawhide bones (both bought at Wal-Mart). The puppy print and invitation on the right (along with the food & drink lables and the to-go bag tags) were done by my very talented friend, Samantha. Please contact me if you want to contact her for her fantastic design skills!

 We made enough puppy chow so that guests could take a "doggie bag" home!
I got the paper bags at Hobby Lobby and then ended up painting stripes on them using removable Scotch tape & craft paint. I tried printing the stripes, but the bags were too thick and it wasn't working for me so I switched to Plan B.

 One of the activities we did was to have guests color ABC pages that we had printed as 4x6 cards from here. Then we put all the pages into an album and created Baby's first ABC book! I love how fun/easy this was for guests and all kids love to read so I think it'll get lots of use!

And here's the party planning committee with Katie!
I say, "Great success", Ladies!

P.S. Thanks Annie, for taking all the pictures!

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