Monday, November 19, 2012

compost & potatoes

Kevin has been a building machine lately!

He built garage shelves this past summer, has been working with his brothers on a new shed back home and now he's built us a compost bin!

We forgot to snap a true "before pic" so here we are with a little progress to the right of the house

close up

Kevin kept the design pretty simple (square as opposed to an L-shaped shed, which he'd be happy to tell you about :) and just a short time later we had a compost bin

Complete with two sections - one side for dirt to reuse in my flower pots and the other side for misc compost.

Now comes the potato section of this story... this year we tried growing potatoes in an old trash can

Kevin drilled air holes down the side of the can and as the potato plants grew up over the summer he kept adding dirt to cover the plants up until the top the can was full.


Then, once our compost bin was built & the potato plants looked more dead than alive, we dumped the can of dirt and harvested the potatoes.

Sadly, we didn't get very many, but at least the ones we did get look good!

We haven't decided if we will be trying this again next year or not... there were lots and lots of tiny potatoes that just hand't grown into anything.

Anybody had success with this type of potato growing method?

Next building project: A mantle surround for my faux fireplace. O wait, it's done!!!!
I just have to paint it and decorate it for Christmas!

Kevin is AMAZING!

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